Conducted in intimate groups so that our team members are able to personalise activities and tailor hands-on exercises to fit the needs of the participants, our workshops and retreats are informative, in depth and impactful. By keeping our workshops and retreats intimate also ensures that participants have our undivided attention and are able to fully understand and execute key methods and strategies.


We specialise in providing hands-on training and inspiration to drive creative entrepreneurs. We do this by building communities and sharing. Our workshop and retreats bring together likeminded individuals and entrepreneurs who are passionate in learning to take their marketing strategies to the next level.



With a focus on digital marketing and content creation, Wavemakers’ courses and workshops are conducted in smaller, more intimate groups so that our team is able to personalise activities and tailor hands-on exercises. This also ensures that workshop participants have our undivided attention and are able to fully understand key methods and steps.

Courses and workshops have included:

i) An Overview of Online Marketing
ii) Social Media Marketing: Which Platform Work Best?
iii) SEO & The Relevance of Keywords in the Online World
iv) Gamification: What It Is And How To Apply It To Your Business



Run by the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), the 4-month startup accelerator program is focused on increasing the number of fundable, high-growth and scalable startups. Through personalised activities and hands-on exercises, Wavemakers provided the program’s Cohort 3 participants with training in:

i) Digital Marketing
ii) Content Marketing
iii) SEO Fundamentals
iv) Google Adwords
v) Social Media Marketing
vi) Gamification & Partnership



Launched in 2012, Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa (YSS) aims to encourage, educate and guide student volunteers from higher learning institutions to promote world peace and inculcate the spirit of camaraderie through community engagement within and outside the country. Wavemakers provided the organisation with a workshop on how to maximise their community reach through social media.

The workshop covered:

i) Understanding your Audience & How They Think
ii) Identifying Your Unique Selling Point & Your Competitors
iii) Creating The Right Online Content for Your Target Market
iv) Analysing The Performance of Your Social Media Channels

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