With people more actively wired to the internet this year, brands are changing their communication style to adapt to their audience behaviours. For the tourism industry, the biggest struggle was to redefine their messaging in a direction that keeps them in line with the market’s sentiment. Some of the new strategies involved a balance between hyper-localizing and diversifying content, ranging from text to visuals to channels.

Content diversity is more than just creative ideas, it’s about appealing, building and nurturing your audience at all levels of the funnel. Be it for sales, engagement, or awareness – a brand that diversifies their content strategy are able to mobilize consumers towards taking action.

This webinar series is focused on tourism brands that are looking to be inspired for their next campaigns.

Our goal is to help you –

✔ Diversify content strategy to improve brand presence and increase engagement

✔ Understand current audience sentiments based on metrics that matter

✔ Adopt best practices and gain fresh ideas on how to shape a better communications game plan

✔ Explore the latest trends in content marketing within the tourism industry

This webinar gives you access to live consultations. Together we are able to tackle the pain points of the tourism industry as well as how it is affecting your brand.

Why sign up for this session?

All attendees will be gifted a digital guide (50 ideas to diversify your content strategy) that was crafted for tourism brands. In this guide, you will have access to research findings and market validations within the tourism industry.


As we understand that a lot of businesses are struggling at the moment, we want to support you. We’re offering 2 x 30-minute consultation at no cost, as a way of giving back. All you need to do is to register for this event and our team will get in touch with you to set a time for you to share your current marketing challenges.

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