"The art of conversation lies in listening"

-Malcom Forbes


Trial Episodes

In #WeareWavemakers trial episode, we speak to one of our new team member, Rachel Mzengi to find out how she stumbled into the world of marketing and what life has been like since she embarked on that journey. As a globe trotter who lived in 15 different countries, Rachel has learned to become an adaptable and proactive marketer who has worked for various multinational clients. We discuss how that role has affected her on both a professional and personal level.

Podcast S01E03

How to deal with influencer frauds?

It is difficult to determine who’s a good or bad influencer! Everyone wants to have the right influencer for their business, not frauds. On this episode, we will have “Mia Ponidjan” from Prasana by Arjani Resort Bali- Indonesia and “Danielle Francis” from Bloom Moda to join Nazirah and Rachel to share their experiences how they connected with influencers and those who claim to be. So if you are currently working with an influencer you might have doubts about, listen in to this episode to get tips on how to detect fraud and also avoid one altogether. Read More…

Podcast S01E02

How to compensate your influencers?

Developing a contract with an influencer can be challenging for a business. On this episode, Wavemakers co-founders Nadzirah and Rachel invite special guest influencer Hanie Hidayah, to share her insights on what is a good vs bad influencer contract. If you’re planning on working with an influencer or need to understand how to best negotiate with them, then in this podcast you’ll get to hear the process on how to develop a contract, things to include such as key performance metrics and what things to avoid. Read More…

Podcast S01E01

Impact of Influencer Marketing, Vibe or Tribe?

On our first episode we’ll talk about how influencer marketing has evolved in the last year; how and why can brands benefit from influencers. We have a special guest Gerda Mi from Makara Wear, who will talk to us on their experience in using influencers for their brand. We’ll also share some strategies and tips on how to use influencers for your business. Read More…