"The art of conversation lies in listening"

-Malcom Forbes

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Podcast S02E07

The Future of Content Marketing | Podcast S02E07

In the blink of an eye, we now find ourselves in the year 2020. In this episode, we discuss content marketing trends and begin to look ahead in time to imagine – what’s in store for the future of content marketing? More businesses are allocating bigger budgets for this aspect of their marketing aspects to achieve their business goals because it’s a proven strategy that brought value in brand development and community building. With an oversupply of content to consume, we begin to wonder – can the human brain keep up with so much information within so little time? Brands that are a little behind in the game have to work their way through the online clutter but also keep up the ever-changing nature of the digital world, especially when content becomes immersive. It’s now more important than ever for brands to think long term on how to build a content ecosystem that will thrive sustainably. Read More…

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Podcast S02E06

Creating with The Creative: How to Find “The One” | Podcast S02E06

So you have an idea for your content, but you need help from a creative person to realize your idea. Sounds easy enough to manage, right? Not exactly! You see, to achieve the best possible outcome from a piece of creativity, your messaging has to be clear, and your goals have to be defined. It starts with inserting essential information into a creative brief and comes with a process of knowing what the creative can contribute to your vision, mission, and values. So in this episode, we’ll be speaking to a creative and social media expert, Nathalie Koutia from OFFF Festival Barcelona one of the world’s largest design festivals. Nathalie creates fantastic content but also knows how to streamline the process to get the maximum results. Read More…

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Podcast S02E05

How to Use Data to Drive Content Strategy? | Podcast S02E05

Data is gold. And when it comes to creating a content strategy, you’re better off building a foundation that allows you to compile data and assess what content works and what doesn’t. While this may seem like common practice by a marketer, most businesses we meet are still struggling to understand what tools and data they should be looking at to take their content marketing strategy to the next level. In this episode, we will be speaking to content marketing guru, Andy Crestodina, from Orbit Media, who will be sharing the importance of data and how businesses can use it to shape robust strategies before creating their content. Read More…

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Podcast S02E04

Push or Pull? Content Marketing – Awareness and Action? | Podcast S02E04

The biggest question when it comes to marketing strategy is – push or pull? On this episode, we look into the meaning and relevance of this approach. It has gotten more complex these days with the evolution of digital channels, affecting the way we consume content. Do you create content to drive awareness or action? The truth is – the customer has the power and right to make their own decisions. So it is important to look at what drives the message and its impact on audiences, which is essentially copywriting. The power of words is extremely effective in determining how the receiver is meant to react. On this episode, we will speak to Alex Napier Holland, a conversion copywriter expert & founder of GorillaFlow. He will take us to understand how content can lead to awareness & action. Read More…

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Podcast S02E03

Social Listening, Missing the Point? | Podcast S02E03

The best kinds of relationships are ones where you listen to each other. On this episode, we look into how social listening is able to quantify data and analyze the different topics that matter for your brand development. This is an approach that enables you to dissect trends and have a better perspective of real-time audience sentiments. If you’re not listening at all times, then you’re probably disconnected and missing the point. The cost of not responding accordingly is something brands need to consider. Without this tool, we tend to lose track and misinterpret the reality of what your audience truly wants or needs. In this episode, we talk to the founder and CEO of Crackerjack Marketing, Stephanie Schwab. She shares with us the significance of social listening tools for brands and what type of data you can look for to help understand customers more. Read More…

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Podcast S02E02

Using Cognitive Dissonance to compete with bigger Brands | Podcast S02E02

Ever felt guilty for purchasing an expensive pair of shoes only to be able to justify it later that at least you’re buying something that’s “good quality” that will last longer? Or perhaps you’ve once convinced yourself that it’s okay to have that last brownie because you’re headed to the gym tomorrow? We’ve all done it and probably don’t regret thinking that way either because that’s our brain using Cognitive Dissonance to drive our decisions towards an action or belief. And believe it or not, big brands have been using this theory to keep buyers hooked into purchasing products and services. In this podcast, we will be speaking to Jasmine Bina from The Concept Bureau – a brand strategy expert who can demonstrate how you, as a business can leverage from this idea and create content that engages with your customers better. Read More…

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Podcast S02E01

Customer Journey: Rethinking the Funnel

It’s almost 2020, and your sales funnel needs to evolve. As marketing channels upgrade their features and algorithms and customers become more intelligent with their buying journey, the question remains – does the hard marketing funnel we know of still work? In this episode, we chat with serial entrepreneur and conversion expert Nils Kattau on how brands can learn to walk on the same path as their customers and figure out a way to craft a better and optimized funnel.Read More…

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Podcast Spotlight

The Future Of Influencer Marketing

40% of marketers in 2018 were actively increasing their marketing budget for influencers. So what can we expect in the future of influencer marketing, like any marketing strategy, is subject to changes in trends, audiences, and technologies? In this episode join #WeAreWavemakers host Nadzirah and Rachel, on their episode wrap up for Season 1 as they reflect on key takeaways that they’ve gathered and tips on how to adapt to the changes in the influencer game for 2019. Read More…