The Keys to Writing Great Content

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how to write or what to post, I’d be rolling in $$$ by now! Yes, I’m a writer by profession but as many others will tell you, it’s rare for a great article to flow perfectly and effortlessly. It takes time to think, research, draft and edit. So I feel you when you say that it isn’t easy to constantly produce great, engaging content (believe me, I know). But in the context to social media, this isn’t necessarily the case. The world is waiting to consume your content, and they’re ready for it now. Like, right NOW.

So I’m going give you my tips for writing great, effective content. Because as you know, the right content will increase your visibility and reach, but the wrong ones can do the exact opposite — it can make your brand more and more irrelevant, eventually leading your audience to react to your posts in a less-than-fond manner.

Here are, in my opinion, the 3 key things to good content (these are especially true when it comes to social media):

#1 Knowledge

Making your content effective means creating something that’s relevant and engaging. It boils down to understanding your audience, so you can create content that resonates with them. Do they care about the environment? Are they health conscious? What do they like to consume on social media? This knowledge leads you to be able to produce content that will reach them because it’s relevant to their interests.

#2 Purpose

What’s your point, really? I know this seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to lose sight of this when you’re focused on being creative (or witty, or spunky). Keep the purpose of your content clear, and visible; write your purpose and point down first so you don’t lost sight of these, before adding all the fluff and personality. Also, make sure that the fluff doesn’t overshadow the purpose — also.

#3 Personality

Speaking of personality, if you’ve been posting on social media for some time, you would have developed a brand voice and tone. What’s your brand personality like and how has it been translating in your content? Are you coming off authoritative instead of a friend sharing information? You can even ask your audience how you sound to them when they are reading your content. Does it tally with how you want to come across? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, list down your brand’s personality traits and make it visible so that when you’re creating content, it acts as a guideline.

So there you have it folks, a brief summary of some key things to note when it comes to creating content on social media. Having an in-depth knowledge of your target audience, knowing your purpose on social media and the purpose of each post, and embodying your brand personality will build a strong voice and presence. It’s so much easier to do when you have a clear goal in mind, and have a good grasp of how you want to come across.

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