Entering a New Era of Conscious Marketing

Nowadays people are starting to realize that capitalism is no longer considered as basic human values and it’s not sustainable in the long run. People are sensitive, and driven by a specific mindset. We’re moving towards a circular economy where people are starting to talk more about collective collaborations to save the planet and gear it up towards the future, how we can become more conscious about what we offer, and be more considerate and compassionate to this entire economy that we’ve created. 

The entire world has started shifting to be more conscious about giving out information, positioning messaging, as well as how businesses navigate around their own products to make sure that it’s relevant to what people are thinking right now. The pandemic has shifted consumer behavior and this behavior change is driving brands to relook at the way they communicate and position themselves as a brand. This shift is inevitable, it will happen and it’s happening more rampantly now. 

As a marketer, we are trying to make sure that we are aware and in line with being conscious, and not misrepresent the brand. And as we enter the new era, we need to highlight why it matters.

Conscious marketing is an approach to a framework where you prioritize your consumer needs in a way that allows you to provide and have more ethical businesses and within your team. 

And this should be transcended to the community of consumers and internal organization. When it comes to decision making, know that whatever you decide right now is going to create impact. Therefore you need to be aware of these repercussions. It requires various perspectives, an open safe space where everyone needs to come together and share their inputs. Because the more discussion and feedback you have, the better route that we can pave towards a more conscious campaign and economy.

Conscious marketing comes from marketers who are really trying to reevaluate their purpose and the way they think. Because the world of digital marketing involves us trying to build a communication bridge between what you innovated to your audience. And more importantly, we’re meant to drive the interest.

There’s a lot of power and responsibilities within the marketers.

Therefore there’s a rise of concerns in the way things are positioned. There are some brands that attempted it, and others that attempted and failed. Body Shop as a whole has always been about consciousness. Brand ethos: everything they source to their ingredients to the stories they tell in digital channels, they have managed to make it seamless to show people that they really do things with consciousness.


What should you consider when creating content?

While we’re still evolving as a society, it takes a collective effort to make a more conscious society. As a marketer, know that you and your values have the power to change the mindset of the consumers. Try to communicate how important it is to your client. 

And a lot of content creators nowadays try to shape the audience’s opinions.

“You must do this..”

“You should do this..”

But conscious marketing is you becoming more mindful with how you affect their lifestyle. When it comes to social media content creation, take into consideration the kind of world that we’re living in right now. Be mindful not only of what your industry or competitors are saying or doing, but also what the other industries are doing. Going beyond your country and looking into other geographic locations is also important to see outsider’s perspectives. 

As a business owner, understand why it is important for your business and how your business can grow as a whole. Rethink how you design campaigns for your business. Realising there are other ways of doing things, and that there are other media platforms to help you shape content that is more considerate.

So if you really care about the audience, go an extra mile to create something valuable and that can help them be better people. Because better people equals a better future and better planet, it’s all inter-related.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about creating a conscious marketing campaign on digital platforms.

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