How Entertainers Have Evolved Digitally

When COVID-19 happened, places had to close, with these new measures, we couldn’t go to the cinemas, theaters, concerts, bars, etc. A lot has to change in the digital space. Entertainment news and brands are just really making use of all these different channels to innovate a new way to engage the audience and entertaining because it’s no longer like a physical experience.

Things were drastically changing. In the first 3 months, most businesses were not sure about what to do. And you started to see them adapting. We can see a lot of celebrities are starting to share more personal contents, they’d talk about mental health on their social media channels. Musicians were sharing Spotify playlists. 

In Singapore, they had a Singapore food festival digitally, a live cooking session with local influencers. Their goal is to give you access to their content and platform by buying tickets online. Whether it’s effective or not, in times like this, it has changed the way we view content. 

Broadway has gone online and you know as much as you enjoy it, it’s not the same experience. But to support the likelihood of entertainers, it’s very important to collaborate amongst the community, the entertainers, the venue spaces, and creator enthusiasts.


It’s been a creative time for people in the past few months using digital platforms. We are shifting away from times when influencer marketing was expensive, but these days if you ask and have an open conversation online, you’d be surprised on how people would engage. Especially with campaigns, everyone is trying to be creative and go digital. It’s not easy to activate your brand from offline to online. We were so used to throwing events, but in the world as it is right now, you can’t necessarily tell a brand to run a pop up event and get people to come in. 

All those rules have changed, but that’s not a reason for you to give up in the industry, but it’s a way for you to talk to people from the digital marketing industry to get over the generation gaps and start to educate each other on how things work.

This year is about figuring things out, learning new skills, and starting to understand how technology is a new way of engaging your audience. Where this is going for any business is depending on their goals. If you’re not used to activating your brand digitally, the support is always there. There are digital marketers like us to help you launch your online campaigns, and there are production companies who could help you set up your online events.

What should businesses & entertainers do? 

Be creative and collaborative.

People are now more connected because of social media. We no longer have to depend on large media because there are so many other media.

For brands and businesses, you should start looking at channels like Youtube or Instagram to collaborate with content creators and social media influencers. It’s a way for you to collaborate with entertainers and in return, they will help elevate your product and service. Don’t be afraid to tap into industries that are not necessarily related to what you’re doing. It starts with you being open to the idea of working with others.

For entertainers, we know it’s hard and you’re not doing what you used to do. But right now it’s about surviving before thriving. You need to be innovative. In marketing, we call it bootstraps marketing strategy. When you approach things thinking that you have zero resources, that’s when the good ideas come out, and that’s when you start to evaluate all the possibilities of doing what needs to be done right now to survive. 

Bring lightness and entertaining contents to your community.

We all have that power to influence other people. Be more light in this hard time because mental health is very important in the world right now, and laughter is the medicine. If you are a business and you care about your audience’s mental health, you can work with entertainers to get them hold a session to do this. Whether or not you choose to raise funds for organisation awareness, this is entirely up to you to decide in terms of content. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals like digital marketers or brand communication consultants who could shift the way you’ve been speaking to your audience, perhaps in a way that it’s more light, entertaining, and positive when things are difficult now. 

Know your brand, your audience and what you’re trying to offer & achieve.

You wouldn’t be successful in working with entertainers if you don’t know what you’re trying to offer and achieve from the collaboration. Build relationships and have conversations with your consumers. Because people have the time right now so might just as well enjoy building that connection.

If you need help in reaching out and collaborating with the right entertainers, we’re here to help you. Feel free to connect with us here to discuss.

Watch the live session here.