50 Ideas to Diversify Your Content Marketing Strategy

Why is it important to diversify your content?

Diversifying is really important because it shows your brand’s commitment, as audiences live in times where they’re feeling very insecure with a lack of trust in businesses or the world as a whole. If your brand can appear as a brand with diversity, it shows that you are going the extra mile to understand your audience. It shows that you´re doing your background research and creating content that is aimed to serve the audience’s needs and it’s meant to fit into their day to day behaviors. Of course, if you are diverse in your contents it also shows that you are inclusive, it brings out the best of both worlds. Being able to diversify shows that you´re really taking into consideration all these different contexts in the world that we live in right now, especially regarding cultural appropriation. More and more brands need to be aware of the market that they´re tapping into and accept that their audience is ever evolving. Diversity is meant to fit in this ever-changing nature.

When it comes to content diversity, the purpose is no longer just to get engagement, we want meaningful engagement, the type where your content will appear in front of your audience, they might double tap, they might like it, but more importantly they’re not just going to keep scrolling up. If your content is diverse and effective enough, you´ll be able to create conversations, which is exactly what businesses are looking for, that breach of connection and communication with the people who support their product or service.

At the end, it is important to explore different ideas, see what the competitors are doing, what other industries are doing and you could incorporate some of these ideas and strategies into your content.

The question is how can we talk about the same things but in a way that allows us to stand out and be relevant?

Watch the video here to get more explanations from Rachel and Nadzirah.

Specifically to help out the tourism brands who’re struggling to write or to post about these days. We have observed a lot of brands and mapped out different ideas and inspiration that is accessible for everyone to download.

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