Impact of Influencer Marketing, Vibe or Tribe? | Podcast S01E01

Inspired by the phrase, ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’, Episode 1 looks into Influencer Marketing as a means of attracting a tribe, in other words – ‘your people’. The truth is – it’s important to have brand authenticity and with reference to the personal development world, it’s about being true to your identity.

“Be Who You Are”

This theory is applicable to how brands work with influencers. If you’re going to portray your brand inconsistently, you’re probably going to attract a ‘tribe’ that has nothing in common with your brand’s purpose. That’s not going to help with your brand development. When working with influencers, you need to create an eco-system of shared value.

This is similar to how a community would share common interests and values. Building a tribe is all about connecting with people that resonate with your brand personality. This is where ‘vibe’ matters. Start by asking, ‘who is your tribe’ anyway and where do you find them within the online world?

“Your Tribe Will Support You the Most”

The key to attracting a tribe of influencers that vibes with your brand begin with how you play your role within the community. And of course – it’s about having a powerful brand vibe. One that is clear and confident about its purpose. It’s your responsibility to ‘radiate’ that culture in how you represent yourself in the market through your communication style. This is where content is power.

The only way to get better at choosing the right kind of influencers to represent your brand is to be consistent and concise with your key messages. Belief it or not, the first impression consumers are going to have on your brand is purely by how they feel about your content style. Having an emotional presence when developing a strategy will help influence the emotional ‘vibe’ surrounding your brand.

“It Can Get Personal”

Influencers are more responsive when they make a personal connection with brands. This is when it gets personal, it’s all about tapping into the wants, needs and motivation of those you seek to influence. So you got to ask yourself ask a brand – what feelings are you triggering? How engaged are you with your audience? Are you actively interested? Are you providing support when needed?

S01E01 Guest #1: A Sustainable Fashion Founder On What it Takes to Vibe & Tribe

Meet Gerda Mi, designer and founder of MAKARAWEAR. She is an influential fashion entrepreneur living and producing in Bali. Having worked with a series of influencers to promote her label, she reveals some amazing tips and Aha! Moments that will help with community building. Stalk her on Instagram here.


Don’t skip this bit:

  • Your customers are the best influencers
  • Give content guidance by creating a mood board
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback