How to compensate your influencers? | Podcast S01E02

What’s a fair amount to compensate an influencer? Boy, do we get that question a lot. And in Episode 2 of our Influencer Marketing series we’ll be addressing this to understand how businesses can compensate and collaborate better with additional insights from our guest influencer.

“Give Room for Creativity”

While it may seem important to get your brand message across, don’t forget that you’re engaging with an influencer because you believe they have a voice that influences your target audience. So when it comes to content creation, allow your influencers to be their authentic selves. Sure, guidance is a good idea but being controlling about how they write and take photos will reduce the chances of getting the audience to engage with them. This will guarantee your chance of garnering the attention you were looking for.

“Look into other niche platforms”

With giant platforms like Instagram and Facebook dominating social media, one would think that these are the only channels to focus your marketing strategies on. But the truth is, there are other platforms out there like TikTok, Twitch, SnapChat (yes! it’s still alive!) and even Twitter that may serve a purpose for your audience. So ask yourself  – what is your campaign purpose? What kind of content would really create impact? Which channel would the campaign messaging likely be effective? How can an influencer start a conversation with their audience about your brand? Answering these questions would take your brand awareness a longer way then just expecting an Instagram post to translate into sales.

“Meeting each other halfway”

The key thing to remember here is that influencer marketing is a two way relationship. And for both parties to win, a business will need to understand the value that an influencer can provide for their business. Businesses should not expect that just because the influencer has less followers than another that they need to perform more tasks than the other influencer. Those high numbers mean nothing if the audience isn’t truly engaged. At the same time, an influencer should not be asking for the stars and the moon knowing that businesses don’t necessarily have the experience in working within industry standards and practices. It really puts them off in wanting to work with their next influencer if they have bad experiences with their first one.

S01E02 Guest #1: Hanie Hidayah

Hanie Hidayah is a fashion and travel blogger and TV host who consults in social media marketing strategies and content creation. Having been in the creative industry for more than 10 years, Hanie is no stranger to the influencer marketing world. Through working with big brands such as Adidas, Zalora, Urban Decay, Air Asia (to name a few!) this multi talented creative has gained a strong following in her community and speaks out on issues that truly matter via her Instagram channel. Despite now moving away from blogging on her website, Hanie still enjoys working with brands via her Instagram who truly resonate with who she is.


Don’t skip this bit:

  • Instagram is better for brand awareness
  • Know your audience and which platform they browse from
  • Always prepare a contract for your influencers